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Our Stories

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"In 2022, Ermen Plumbing, for the first time, decided to enter a team into The Dragonboat Festival.  We're a competitive bunch, but we had some stiff competition (Crows take the crown every year).  We still set our sights on being number 1 in something, and we came out top fundraiser, but most of all, we had a blast!  If you're debating if this would be worth your time or a fun event, trust us, you won't regret it, and you raise money for great charities while doing it.   Ermen is a lifer in the Dragonboat now. “ 

Dawn Ermen Cormier

Ermen Plumbing & Heating Ltd

Norval McConnell, GMDBF Co-Chair

“Live to the beat of your heart; paddle to the beat of your drummer."

Dawn Ermen, Sponsor/Paddler

"Ermen was built with the help of this community, and it is essential that we give back. We focus on our donations staying 100% local and investing in the future of this community through children and youth.”

Dave Owen, Lion Sick Children's Fund

"What is safety for a seriously ill child?  The IWK.  Paddle with us and help get them to safety."
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